Sunday, April 12, 2009

Home stretch

We see the light at the end of the tunnel. Well, Billy probably sees a day off and a morning without an alarm clock. Either way we are hoping to get our final inspection sometime in the next few weeks!

They finished all the grading despite all of the rain we've been having the last few months:

The utilities are all ready for juice:

The new rock walls and stairs are finished:

Stairs from the top view:

We have one working toilet! Goodbye port-a-potty!

kitchen cabinets went in:

Kids' bathroom shower tile:

Kids' bathroom vanity:

Master bathroom shower:

Master bath vanity and floor tile:

Kitchen counter tops (granite tile):

Better put a drain plug on the shopping list so we don't lose another one down there:

Billy and Dennis worked on railings on Easter. The kids and I cleaned up and made trips to the dump. How did you celebrate the holiday?

The driveway is all nicely graveled and rollered (is that a word?). I forgot to get a picture of it and of the finished parking area, but you can glimpse the driveway in the shot above.
With any luck we'll be living there soon and seeing a little more of....what's his name?....Oh yeah, Billy! (happy birthday to him - shhhh)

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